3 March 2013, saw the unveiling of ‘Operation egg box – highly classified’. The life-size, Battle of Britain Spitfire, made from Eggs for Soldiers egg boxes, was unveiled to the public at IWM Duxford. We recreated the nation’s best-loved Battle of Britain icon out of our distinctive khaki egg boxes, to launch March Fourth 2013.

Model makers extraordinaire, Charlotte Austen and Jack Munro were joined by members of the public, who helped put the final egg boxes into position, to complete our life-size sculpture.

Making the Spitfire

Our life-size Spitfire took six weeks to make using:

  • 6,500 egg boxes
  • 5 litres of glue
  • 5,000 nails
  • 10 litres of paint
  • 10,000 staples

In addition to thousands of egg boxes, the sculptors needed the following materials to create the Spitfire model:

  • 220 metres of wooden batten
  • 100 square metres of canvas
  • 450 glue sticks
  • 25 sheets of plywood of various thicknesses
  • 7m of foam
  • 25 metres of steel
  • 120 cups of tea
  • 6 packets of chocolate hobnobs
  • 18 cream eggs
  • A couple of sleepless nights
  • 6 plasters
  • 1 bottle of brandy (to warm the cockles)
  • 1 trip to A&E (2 stitches)

Now in its second year, March Fourth, our annual fundraising event, is held in aid of Help for Heroes. We encourage everyone to march forth with us in support of servicemen, women and veterans who have suffered life-changing injuries and illnesses.

So far we have raised over £680,000 for Help for Heroes.

Assembling the Spit
Wizard job
Chocs Away
Tally Ho