All our eggs are of the
finest quality coming
from Lion approved
British farms. Click on the
images to find out more
about our eggs and
where they come from.

Our farms

All our farms are approved by both the Lion Standards and the RSPCA's Freedom Foods Standards. These codes set out detailed hygiene and welfare requirements to ensure farms are kept clean and birds are kept healthy and free from disease.

Our farmers

We select dedicated farmers that are passionate about what they do and care for their birds. Our farmers all have a wealth of experience in the industry and have the expertise to ensure a healthy and productive flock resulting in high quality eggs.

Our hens

Our hens lead a well cared for life being expertly looked after by our farmers. They are fed on a cereal based vegetarian diet made with the highest quality raw ingredients.

Our eggs

We only select Class A Standard eggs which ensures they are of the highest quality. The Lion mark is stamped on all our eggs. This is your guarantee that they have been laid by British hens vaccinated against salmonella.