Build Your Own Tank
On March 4th 2012, Eggs For
Soldiers hosted Britain’s first ever
national egg and spoon race on
Clapham Common. In celebration,
Eggs For Soldiers teamed up with
sculptor Stuart Murdoch to create
an eye-catching, life-sized Challenger
II tank using 5,016 Eggs For Soldiers
egg cartons - a world first.


The tank was showcased at the
Imperial War Museum and helped
raise lots of money for Help for
Heroes. Would you like to make your
very own Eggs for Soldiers tank
(sort of) like the one pictured above?
Simply follow the step by step guide.

Tank Step Intro

Ingredients: You will need the following:

Tank Build 1
Tank Build 1

To make the caterpillar tracks, stick the flat tops of the 2 egg boxes together using glue

Tank Step 2

For the armour, cut a piece of card out from your cereal box wide enough to cover the egg boxes and long enough to hang over the front and back. Attach it with sticky-tape.

Tank Step 3

To make your turret, push the pencil through the yoghurt pot (get an adult to help you do this). Then push the pencil into the egg boxes to secure it in place.

Tank Step 4

Add a cannon by sticking the sweet tube onto the turret.

Tank Step 5

Get artistic and paint your tank anyway you like!